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Model WT-RUG 3 - RTU Controller/Base Station



WT-RUG 3 RTU Controller/Base Station Features of our Fully Integrated RTU Controller/Base Station to Monitor, Display, Communicate & Control .

  • Controller w/ LCD Display, Keyboard
  • RF Assembly
  • AC-DC Power Supply and 12 VDC Battery
  • External Twist-On Waterproof Connectors installed on NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Easy to use canned RTU Software for monitoring and control applications
  • Serial Communication
  • Low-cost SCADA Control Software
  • On-board Modem – Two com ports
  • Supports wide variety of radios, works as a Repeater Station in the Background
  • Anyone can Operate and Install – Designed for ease of use by non-technical staff. Twist-on the sensors, turn RTU on, install setpoints, for example, tank levels to start/stop a pump, and go.
  • Attach up to 12 Analog and Digital Sensors and Control up to four (4) 10A Relays – Monitor anything; control systems, equipment, and processes.
  • Strong Performance Record

Watch Technologies’ WT-RUG 3 RTU Controller/Base Station:

  • Has proven to be cost competitive
  • Three year warranty: parts & assembly
  • Custom RTU and SCADA software available
  • WER3 fully integrates with larger RTUs in Watch Enterprises product line
  • Includes “overactive” support: any job, anywhere, all the time.
  • Applications in Industry, Agriculture, Military, Security, & Regulatory Applications

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