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- Modular Area Monitor



The WolfPack’s embedded computer runs GrayWolf’s WolfSense application software for displaying, documenting, and logging key parameters. The WolfPack is an Area Monitor for Indoor Air Quality, Toxic Gas and other environmental air monitoring applications.

  • Modular system: probes may be interchanged with AdvancedSense® meters or tablet PCs for walk-thrus/spot-checks
  • Plug in up to 3 GrayWolf DirectSense® probes (up to six sensors per probe)
  • Additionally, interface a particulate meter and/or a formaldehyde meter (displays and logs into the same data file)
  • Choice of PID for VOCs, NDIR CO2, %RH, ºC/ºF and from 22 specific electrochemical gas sensors; CO, O3, NO2, NO, SO2, NH3, H2S, Cl2, HCl, EtO, HCN, H2, HF, AsH3, or others
  • Optional auto-zeroing differential pressure and/or barometric pressure
  • Monitor up to 32 parameters simultaneously
  • On-board productivity tools: video help, parameter details, sensor info, text & audio notes and much more...
  • Powerful WolfSense PC desktop data transfer and reporting software included
  • WiFi card standard, for e-mailing data and uploading software updates. Optional GrayWolfLive™ software enables remote data access, and e-m/text alerts when in alarm


  • Without handle: 9.84in. (25cm) w. x 10in. (25.5cm) h. x 5.1in. (13cm) d.
  • With handle: 11in. (28cm) w. x 16in. (40.9cm) h. x 5.1in. (13cm) d.
  • Overall Height with probe(s) fitted: 18.1in. (46cm)
  • Weight (without probes): 11lb. 5 oz. (5kg)
  • Probe Weight (without probe handle): ~8 oz.
  • PCC-16 Hardshell Case: 19.7in. (50cm) w. x 24.6in. (62.5cm) h. x 11.7in. (30.0cm) d.


  • Battery: Lead Acid (rechargeable)
  • Battery Life: (new bat. powering PID, NDIR & multi EC sensors) 18 hours typical with backlight off, fan on
  •  27.5 hours typical with backlight off, fan off
  • Recharge time (100/250VAC, 50-60Hz internal charger): 5 hours


  • 3 x Lemo 8 pin for GrayWolf probes
  • 1 x Lemo 7 pin for optional USB key download cable, HCHO meter or camera
  • 1 x Lemo 6 pin for particulate, 3rd party meters
  • 1 x mini USB socket - 1m USB B to USB A download cable supplied as standard
  • 1 x IEC 320 universal socket for power. 1.5m cable with local plug supplied


  • Operating Range: -10ºC to 50ºC (15ºF to 122ºF), 0 to 98% RH (non-condensing)
  • Screen Size: 3.5in. QVGA 240x320 TFT color touch screen
  • Memory: 4GB for data-logging (1million+ readings) and notes (photo/video/audio); plus 2GB
  • for program, help videos, documents and auto data backup
  • Adjustable handle - adjust to any angle from 180º to 30º
  • Locking clamps fitted to enable unit to be secured
  • Wall-mountable if required
  • GrayWolf Software is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • All specifications are subject to change without further notice

Differential Pressure is auto-zeroing (every 2 minutes by default but zeroing frequency is user adjustable) *The barometric pressure sensor will, when installed, compensate mass concentration readings (µg/m3 ) for pressure changes.

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