Modular Integrated Transportable Substation


MITS is a turnkey, engineered power distribution substation solution offered by Eatons Electrical Engineering Services and Systems group. Designed to your needs, the MITS is an electrical power distribution substation assembled on a self-supporting structural base or trailer and wired together (integrated) at the factory. If you are planning to build or replace a new substation or distribution center or add capacity to an existing substation, MITS can provide a total packaged solution - saving costs, time, space, and labor.


  • Eaton can design, manufacture and install the entire MITS system, ensuring a completely integrated design to meet your unique specification.
  • Fully Integrated—Factory-assembled, wired, and tested to minimize on-site labor costs, quality issues, and time. This includes on-board protection, control, and automation devices.
  • One-Stop Shop—Eaton provides turnkey services; design through installation. Use Eaton or other third-party equipment can be used integrated. Services include site study, grounding, foundation, unloading, acceptance testing, connections, engineering, and commissioning.
  • Provides safe, secure, reliable, economical, proven equipment, compact, and low-profile aesthetics.
  • Modular—Flexible, expandable design allows a variety of equipment configurations for various applications. Modules can be connected together to form larger, more complex substations.
  • Transportable—Structural base allows for assembled units to be lifted and transported, and relocated. Base provides protection for interconnection power and control cabling and can also be designed for on-board oil containment. If a mobile unit is required for fast deployment the equipment can be mounted on a trailer base.


  • Industrial—Oil & gas production and transmission sites, mining operations, manufacturing and assembly plants, petro-chemical plants, and drilling rigs.
  • Commercial—Campus-type or distributed facilities such as: general office campuses, higher education campuses, laboratory/research centers, data and telecommunication tower sites and facilities, health care complexes, correctional institutions, military facilities, gaming/entertainment facilities (casinos and theme parks), transportation facilities (airports, mass transit stations), “intelligent” highway service power, and harbor shore power.
  • Utility—Distribution substations, industrial power parks, rural/agricultural service, and distributed generation sites.

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