MOISTURESORB Fluid Solidifier Absorbent Pad: 12 inches x 18 inches

Super absorbing mats absorb, solidify & deodorize all aqueous fluids, spills & leaks. Encapsulates several hundred times it's own weight in spills in seconds. Simplifies spill response & spill cleanup. Excellent fluid retention under pressure.

Features & Benefits

    Absorbs & solidifies 2 lbs. liquid/sq. foot
    Eliminates and controls odors
    Works within minutes
    Excellent fluid retention under pressure
    Easy to handle & dispose
    Made in USA

Super Absorbent Mat Soldifies, Encapsulates & Deodorizes Spills

This state of the art super absorbent mat was specially designed to absorb several hundred times its own weight in aqueous drips or spills from any home, garage, or car. Each square foot of the mat has the ability to absorb over 2 pounds of aqueous fluids. The mat can also be cut into smaller pieces for convenience.

In addition to absorbing spills and leaks, the MoistureSorb™ Mat will also control odors, keep your home looking clean, and reduce cleaning time. Once absorbed and encapsulated, MoistureSorb™ will hold the liquid even under significant pressures.

To use, simply roll the Moisturesorb™ Mat out in the area of potential spills or drips. Any resulting spill will be quickly absorbed by the mat within minutes and converted into a solid gel which is easily disposed.

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