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- Model T0060 - Telescopic Boom Mobile Cranes



The telescopic mobile crane reachs 40.00 neters with 5 section booms. One of these booms is main boom ' first boom' and other 4 booms are full power hydraulic extendable. The boom group is able to extend with one cylinder by means of a special system and software. Thus, the crane has become advantageous in weight of crane construction. Therefore, the crane lifts more load in higher distace by spending less energy. The telescopic crane gives the opportunity for easy operation in difficult working areas by the help of mechanic boom. The mechanic boom which can be adjusted as in the form of a three- angle gives the opportunity for easy operation sbove the roof. The telescopic mobile crane has ability to reach to 56.00 meter with mechanical booms.

Boom Lifting

The boom of lifting cylinder which is driven by variable displacement pump, allows the telescopic crane to operate between 0 and 82 degrees.

Control System

All functions of crane are controlled with two joysticks. Moreover, there are two additional operator panels in operator cabin. They contain warning lights, moment diagrams, status of air condştşons of operator cabin and display the situation of equipments of crane engine and truck engine. All sensors and engines communicate via CAN-BUS protocol.


Reducer with planet gear which is driven by orbit engine. Lifting ability at full axis by the help of drain brake system. Rotation reducer's need for flow will be provided by the help of stable displacement pump.


Total weignht of counter-weight is 9 tons and it consists of various removable parts. These parts can be lifted automatically by the help of hydraulic system.


CUMMINS motor, 4.5 lt, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke, direct injection, water-cooled, diesel engine. 119KW (160 HP) and maximum 2200 rpm.

  • Maximum torque : At 1500 rpm 624 Nm.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity :120 lt.
  • Engine Emission :TIER-3


Operator cabin which is durable and esthetic, resiliently mounted with sliding door and it is excellent ergonomic. It has wide-angle safety glass, comfortable seat which can be adjusted with suspension, airconditionin and MP3 Player. All features of crane can be controlled by joysticks.


Made of high-tensile structural steel. Rear and front outriggers can be moved by the help of three pieces hydraulic cylinder. These cylinders consist of two horizontal and vertical cylinders. Outriggers can be controlled by joysticks located on chasis. Stability sensors exist in electrical control panel located on chassis, so that, stability control can be done automatically.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system is driven by the help of one variable displacement, load-sensing pump and one additional stable displacement hydraulic pump. Tank capacity is 600 lt.Hydraulic system of outriggers is driven by one stable displacement hydraulic pump. Hydraulic system of outriggers oil tank capacity is 200 lt.

Load Lifting

Load lifting is done by winch. Winch has double speed feature. Load lifting speed is 0-110 m/min.

Electrical System

Three phase alternator 28V/100A. Two battery 12V/120A

Other Equipments

  • Hydraulic oil tank Indicator
  • Full floor covering
  • Ladder
  • Kit for Wheel Inflation
  • Fender
  • Tool Box

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