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Model MPL - Maximum Free Passage / Low Flow Full Cone Nozzles



Design Features of the MPL nozzle 1/8 and 1/4 pipe connection sizes. Ultimate clog-resistant design, with thelargest free passage available in an axial, full-cone nozzle. Unique, S-shaped internal vanes allowfree passage of particles. High-energy efficiency. Easily handles dirty, contaminated liquids. Male connections. Nozzle body available in Brass, 303, 316 Stainless Steel. Vanes are 316 Stainless Steel foroptimum wear and corrosion resistance.

Spray Characteristics

  • High reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions
  • Uniform spray distribution

Spray Angles: 51° to 129°
Flow rates: 0.44 to 7.97 l/min

Applications for the  MPL nozzle (e.g.):

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