- Volume Reduction Lamp Crusher



MRT supply two versions of Lamp Crusher. Each one is a stand-alone crushing unit for volume reduction of lamps; such as mercury vapour lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and CFL lamps. The machine is used for crushing the complete lamps or just the inner arc tubes of HID lamps. The smaller units are easy to relocate, and can thus be used both as a stationary and/or mobile equipment. The larger units should preferably be used stationary; either as an integrated part of a lamp recycling line, or at a collection hub in locations such as industrial, commercial and municipal establishments.

The efficient reduction of waste means lower transportation costs to disposal or recycling facilities. The crushed materials can be directly processed in an MRT Batch Distiller (BPD).

Key Features:

  • Volume reduction of all sorts of lamps
  • Compact and space-saving equipment
  • Up to 4000 lamps/hour

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