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Model MS-8118/G3 - Multichannel Surveillance and Monitoring Systems



Designed for surveillance, security, military, telecommunications, and media monitoring applications, these integrated, turn-key products provide cost-effective, elegant and powerful alternatives to conventional multi-receiver systems and monitoring, intercepting and logging facilities.  Capable of receiving and recording radio communications on several channels simultaneously, as well as automatically making decisions based on user-specified circumstances, these systems represent a breakthrough in surveillance and monitoring.

The Winradio MS-8118/G3 Multichannel Monitoring System provides a fully integrated solution, specifically designed for computer-controlled automatic monitoring of frequencies ranging from VLF frequencies up to low microwave, in all major modulation modes. The system is designed to monitor radio frequencies on multiple channels simultaneously, record digitized signals on the hard disk for easy later retrieval, and perform automatic decisions based on the received signals.

Frequencies from 9 kHz up to 8.6 GHz can be monitored and logged. The receivers offers an unparalleled flexibility given their software-defined architecture, excellent dynamic range, and high sensitivity. The MS-8118/G3 Multichannel Radio Monitoring System can be custom-fitted with a combination of receivers for different frequency ranges and capabilities, thereby optimizing the system for a specific application at a minimum cost. Ask about our Client/Server option which allows for the remote operation of the complete system via TCP/IP connection.

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