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Model: MAX TruckTM - 4 Wheel Drive. Engine: Honda GXV 160cc commercial grade, 4 stroke, 5.5hp Turned 180o, exhaust points to the rear. 24 Month warranty. Transmission: Peerless transaxle 3 forward / 1 reverse speed. Fuel: Unleaded Petrol. Capacity: 8 cu ft. or 365kg/800lbs carrying capacity. Noise Rating: 79db. Tires: Four 10 inch tires and rear wheel hubs. Parking Brake: Disc. Wheels: Front 400 x 10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400 x 10 pneumatic tires. Dimensions: Length - 64', Width - less than 28', Height - 36'. Weight: 130kgs unlaiden.

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