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- Model AWOS - Airport Weather Observation System



Our Airport Weather Observation System (AWOS) is fully customisable for the needs of the customer.

It can incorporate sensors to measure ANY of the following parameters:

  • Wind speed + direction (Mechanical or Ultrasonic)
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Ground Temperature
  • Runway Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Solar Radiation
  • Precipitation
  • Present Weather
  • Visibility (MOR)
  • Runway Visual Range (RVR)
  • Cloud base, depth and sky condition
  • Runway Surface state
  • Thunderstorm + Lightning detection

For a full list of supported sensors available, please refer to the Partners section.

The whole array of sensors installed out on the airfield report back to the Data Collection Platform which typically includes a Campbell Scientific CR1000 Data Logger and battery backup.  This collects the data from the respective sensors and delivers it via your preferred comms solution back to the Metcom processing server for distribution.   The Data Collection Platform is configurable to allow integration with sensors from a variety of manufacturers  and where required the sensor sites can be duplicated, either completely or in part, to allow redundancy of critical meteorological parameters.

The Metcom software package which handles the sensor data allows both manual and fully automatic operation including METAR, SPECI, SYNOP, MET and a dual ATIS function as standard, transmitting both arrival and departure messages.  The system can also incorporate NOTAMs as part of the ATIS broadcast and these can be synthesised from a pre-defined list or recorded and saved as a template for future broadcasts.

Alongside the MET system, the family of Muir Matheson Software is able to provide the Air Traffic Control tower with complete movement control. Our AFTN interface software systems AFCOM, ATCOM and AutoBrief allow controllers to submit, alter and remove flightplans as well as monitor arrivals and departures for the coming shift, print out flight strips and receive new plans from briefing terminals.

Muir Matheson offer a full build, test, install and maintenance service with all of our aviation weather systems, providing assurance that the package is stable, suitable and at all times fits your needs. We also offer assistance for aerodromes needing to prepare safety cases involving our systems.  For more information on this, please visit the Services section.

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