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Multi-Residential Grey Water Recycling System



The Aquaco Grey Water Harvesting System collects bath, shower and hand basin water to filter, disinfect and store for reuse. The quantity of grey water generated in a block of flats approximately equates to the water required for flushing W.C's and urinals. In most instances consumption of mains water will be reduced by about 50%. Aquaco systems have been installed in homes throughout the UK and Europe. All residential projects should include an Aquaco grey water or rainwater system.

  • Achieve cost effective Breeam points
  • Reduce mains water consumption
  • Reduced storage and lower cost compared to rainwater harvesting
  • Enhanced Capital Allowances (100%) available
  • Reduced overall environmental impact of the building
  • Usual pay-back 3/5 years
  • Supply equates to demand, the system is sustainable - no reliance on unpredictable rainfall

As the rules on Breeam points and tax allowances change, Aquaco cannot advise and it is for the customer to verify the present rules as they affect the project concerned.

A typical multi-media system would include:

  • A Pre-treatment tank
  • Control panel
  • A Multi-media filter assembled with other key components on a skid which makes transport and installation straightforward
  • Feed pump
  • A Post-treatment tank
  • Pressure vessel and switches
  • Booster pump set
  • Backwash pump
  • UV disinfection and/or chlorine dosing system for periods of low demand

A typical aeration and membrane system would include:

  • Pre-treatment settlement tank
  • Treatment tank including aeration system
  • Control panel
  • Air pumps
  • Membrane filter
  • Aquaco Master Control Unit including booster pumps
  • Pressure vessel and switches
  • Post-treatment tank

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