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- Model ML MAX - Smallest and Manoeuvrable Drilling Rig



The FRASTE MULTIDRILL ML MAX is the smallest and manoeuvrable drilling rig supplied with the well known and tested Fraste drill pipes automatic loading system “Manipulator”. The drill pipes loading system is highly appreciated as it makes very easy each operation and saves the operator from heavy jobs, besides assuring high safety standards during each drilling stage - being aligned with the most severe safety rules and regulations. The small dimensions of the MULTIDRILL ML MAX allow it to be extremely handy and easy to set up and reach the most restricted spaces, too. Mainly designed for direct or reverse circulation drilling system, the MULTIDRILL ML MAX can be easily adapted to many different drilling uses thanks to the available drilling equipment as down the hole hammer, conventional and wire-line coring, soil investigations and environmental sampling. 2-axles truck version of the machine is also available, keeping unchanged its lightness and simple use.

  • Drill pipes Fraste Manipulator
  • Rotary heads with different torques & speeds
  • Winches – wire-line winches
  • Pistons, screw and centrifugal mud pumps
  • Foam injection pump
  • DTH hammer line lubricator
  • Single or double drilling clamp
  • Casing pullers
  • Electric generator-welding unit
  • Air compressor
  • Remote operation radio control for all drilling functions

Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

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