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More effective in resisting corrosion than competing trenchless lining solutions. Proven superior in acid resistance to other technologies in tests conducted by the Sanitation District of Los Angeles County, MultiplexxTM PVCP Liners from Terre Hill Composites add years of utility to aging sewer structures while saving you tens of thousands of dollars through rehabilitation rather than reconstruction.

Prefabricated for each application, their unique and patented design employs an inward-facing layer of PVC for protection against sewer-gas corrosion and ground-water infiltration. Multiplexx Liners are then embedded with epoxy-saturated resin, backed with fiberglass, pressure installed and cured-in-place to form a chemically-stable, reinforced structure.

Engineers, Utility Owners, and Industrial Facilities know they can depend on Terre Hill Composite’s products and knowledge based on many years of service to the underground industry. Our Multiplexx PVCP Fused Seam Liner is a cured-in-place system pressurized sewer and wastewater rehabilitation technology, which keeps underground systems working better and longer.

Terre Hill Composites liners form an impervious barrier between corrosive gases and ground water infiltration. Unlike other adhesives or coatings, Terre Hill’s MultiplexxTM liners form a reinforced structure within the host structure. Terre Hill Composites liners are easily installed to a range of various types and sizes of underground structures.

The Multiplexx PVCP Fused Seam Liner is cured with heat and under pressure to promote high bonding strength to the sewer system substrate. The application pressure helps the resin penetrate the substrate to form epoxy anchors.

Installing a PVCP Sewer Pipe Lining System is a very specialized process. Terre Hill Composites’ installers work hard to ensure that your wastewater system is fully repaired and functional before installing the liner system.

Step 1: Maintaining Wastewater Flows

If lining the invert (flow channel is lined) is required, by-pass pumping is setup to allow flow thru the collection system during the Multiplexx lining system installation.

If not lining the invert (flow channel unlined) a flow-through pipe is installed to allow uninterrupted flow during the MultiplexxTM lining system installation.

Step 2: Pre-inspection

The manhole is visually inspected for apparent structural damage.

Step 3: Cleaning

Manhole surfaces pressure washed to remove all deteriorated concrete, grease, and other surface contaminants. Badly deteriorated or pitted precast or brick manholes are restored to form a compatible substrate for the liner.

Step 4: Stopping of active infiltration

Active hydrostatic infiltration is stopped by means of pressure or injectable grout, chemical grout, and/or hydraulic cement.

Step 5: Bench & Channel Reconstruction

Loose bench material is removed, and the channel is rebuilt and reshaped as necessary to prevent the deposit of solids at any transition point and allow the entrance of maintenance equipment, etc.

Step 6: Liner Manufacture

Each Multiplexx liner is designed and manufactured specifically for each structure. The completed liner is shipped dry to the installer along with Terre Hill’s own custom-blended epoxy resin.

Step 7: Liner Installation

The epoxy is mixed and applied to the liner on-site. The epoxy-coated liner is inserted into manhole interior, and pressurized, conforming the liner to the shape of the manhole. Heat is introduced into the system which forces the resin into the substrate and into the composite liner materials and cures the epoxy, forming a protective barrier within the manhole. The liner is typically cured in about an hour.

Step 8: Clean-Up and Finish

All pipe penetrations are reinstated and restored.

The length of time required to complete an entire liner job will depend on the scope of the job and the condition of the wastewater system before work begins, but Terre Hill Composites uses a carefully groomed process to ensure minimal down-time and rapid repair.

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