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- Model G Series - Solid Flow Meter



The MULTISTREAM G is a compact in-line measurement system for the continuous recording of bulk solid streams using non-impact force measurement. The material stream is “gently” deflected via an in-line measuring chute. The system ensures that impact factors, which vary depending on the bulk solids, are not incorporated into the results. MULTISTREAM G therefore generates better reproducible data to ensure product quality.

Individual solutions from a single source
With its dust-tight, robust construction, MULTISTREAM G, in conjunction with a flow-controlled pre-feeder, turns into a feeding system. Depending on the application, we also deliver special individual designs – even for hot materials.
Single source planning, delivery and service.

Typical applications:
Throughput and consumption measurement of bulk solids. Measuring of grain flows in mills. Feeding of additives and raw meal. Batching at mixers or charging in a loading station.

  • Flow rate measurement on the de-flecition chute principle
  • Dust-tight housing
  • Compact design
  • Cost effective, simple integration

MULTISTREAM* G Solids Flow Meters are designed as enclosed in-line measuring systems for continuous acquisition of flow rates from 4 t/h to 1000 t/h (max. 1250 m3/h). These measuring systems can be used for

  • flow rate and consumption measurement
  • totalization and
  • batching

of pulverized to granular materials with a grain size of up to 30 mm. Equipped with a controllable pre-feeder, MULTISTREAM® G is also available for use as a feed system, upon request. Thanks to its enclosed, rugged design, this measuring system is the answer to limited space and enclosed conveyor routes.

The standard equipment of MULTISTREAM*G Solids Flow Meters comprises:

  • Sheet metal housing.
  • Guide and measuring chutes,
  • Load cell,
  • Measuring force transmission to load cell arranged outside of material room,
  • Cable junction box.

The load cell arranged outside of material room, measuring system can be used at material temperatures of up to 100° C. Higher temperature ranges are available, upon request.

  • The deflection chute measuring system acquires the flow rate by using a reactive force.
  • Via guide chute, the material is leveled out, settled, then guided to the curved measuring/ deflection chute, free from shocks.
  • On the measuring chute the material is accelerated in radial direction. The resulting reactive force is acquired by the load cell.
  • If higher accuracies are required, check measurements are necessary which allow the measuring system to be calibrated without interrupting material flow.
  • Requiring presilo to be weighed, this additional equipment is available upon request.

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