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Municipal & Solid Waste Incinerators


HiTemp Technology (HTT) has developed a concept utilizing modified shipping containers to form modular systems of 10-100 Tons per day capacity. Multiple units may be installed to form larger systems. Our design uses the proven Rotary Kiln technology. Material is loaded into the top of the feed hopper, is ground up and pushed through a tube into the rotary kiln. The entire cylindrical chamber rotates, the material tumbles and burns quickly to ash.


The HTT systems utilize modular components that are interchangeable and allow easy access for repairs and maintenance. The design utilizes basic control and combustion systems. With this type of approach, we can design, build, and ship in half the time normally required by standard site assembled units. In special situations, we can have a system on site and in operation within 3-4 months of order placement. Because the systems are modular, replacement parts and capacity increases are made without major changes in the basic design.

The systems are sized based on operating with Type 0-1 (paper, cardboard, etc.) solid waste. For continuous feeding of solid waste we offer the option of a screw feeder. This feeder is available on all sizes. An optional storage hopper attached to the feeder will allow you to operate continually for hours without attendance. Systems can include mission control devices as necessary to meet local codes and requirements. We will assist as necessary to help with the equipment and control interfacing. This can be very attractive to customers that are presently operating this type of process but would like to add the flexibility that a rotary system offers.

The components are designed as modular units to allow for shipping by truck. The HTT-50RK-AB-G (50 Tons Per Day) series and larger, are built within the dimensions of a standard SEALAND container. The capacity of each unit is based on a heat value of the waste material averaging 6,000-7,000 BTU/lb. as in type 0-1 waste. For different materials such as those containing high percentages of plastics or water, the capacity value is adjusted.

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