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KEVIN Mist Eliminators – Liquid Coalescers are custom manufactured using materials specified by the client.

Distillation Towers

Liquid entrainment can cause performance problems and limit capacity in packed and tray distillation towers. At intermediate draw-off trays, entrainment from below reduces product purity and can allow non-volatile contaminants into the draw-off liquid. The overhead gas product can also be contaminated with liquid entrainment.
The entrainment is eliminated by a properly designed Mist Eliminator.


Mist Eliminators reduce carryover of dissolved and un-dissolved solids to obtain specified steam condensate purity levels. This not only prevents product loss, but it also protects compressor internals in vapor recompression systems, provides boiler feed water quality condensate and prevents potential pollution problems.

Knockout Drums

Designing knockout drums with Mist Eliminators reduce capital equipment costs and improve efficiency.


From clean gas scrubbers and process vents to fouling services, such as flue gas desulphurization systems or steel mill blast furnace exhausts, Mist Eliminators help improve efficiency and capacity.

Steam Drums

Mist Eliminators reduce carryover of dissolved solids to obtain specified steam condensate purity levels.

Flue Gas Desulphurization

High capacity, low pressure drop Vane Type Mist Eliminators provide excellent resistance to fouling.

Gas Absorption Systems

Systems using glycols, amines and other proprietary solvents removing contaminants from gas streams are optimized with Mist Eliminators to minimize losses of these expensive chemicals.


Mist Eliminators in fractionators increase throughput capacity and allow deeper cuts for greater yields. In downstream crackers and reformers, mist eliminators prolong catalyst life by reducing carbon and metals in side draws.

Petrochemical Plants

Mist Eliminators are used in the knock-out drums of the compressor trains to extend compressor run length and service life. They are also used in quench towers to prevent contamination and protect downstream equipment.

Sizing and Installation

KEVIN Application Engineers should be consulted for sizing & installation

  • Effective separation of vapor and liquid
  • High efficiency
  • Low pressure drop

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