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- Model SAE Type J (KS) - Keystone Pinch Clamp



Keystone Pinch Clamp – SAE Type “J” (KS); Murray KEYSTONE clamping products offer superior strength from 100% stainless steel.

Keystone Pinch Clamps are welded and are quick and easy to install, and provide a uniform, tamper proof seal. They are widely used on both soft hose and rigid plastic pipe. You will find these clamps anywhere you connect poly pipe. Ear clamps are excellent for use in a multitude of irrigation and water supply systems, on fuel and vapor lines, to attach dust shields and air filters, for beverage supply lines, for car wash supply lines, and for securing bundles of cable. When crimping with a hand tool, Murray's true Keystone geometry, located in the ear area, dramatically reduces miscrimps. Keystone Pinch clamps are 100% Stainless Steel.

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