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- Litho-Kits for Fountain Solution Control



Litho-Kits are available for the Ultrameter II 6PIIF&, 512M5 and M6/PH DS/pDS Meters. On-The-Spot Testing; The increasing use of alcohol-free and alcohol-reduced fountain solutions places greater importance on monitoring conductivity, pH and temperature. The easy-to-use Litho-Kit along with your Myron L instrument allows the ability to take these important tests. Litho-Kits are self-contained, quality control tools for fountain solutions when purchased with the Ultrameter II 6P or M6/PH Meter.


  • Increases Print Quality
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Saves Solutions
  • Saves Water
  • Choice of instruments
  • Includes 20 mm/8 in. long-stem thermometer
  • Includes plastic syringe to draw samples from remote pans

Many of today's fountain solutions are pH buffered, so only small changes in pH are seen, even with large changes in solution strength. Testing solution conductivity is an accurate way to measure concentration. By using field-proven Myron L instruments, the most precise etch/ water mix can be quickly identified. On-the-spot measurements will allow further fine tuning during press runs.

Although conductivity measurement is critical, controlling pH is also imperative. The pH of fountain solutions can affect sensitivity, plate-life, ink-drying, etc. Use of the Myron L instrument to maintain optimum pH and conductivity will result in consistent, high-quality printing.

Because alcohol-free solutions are less viscous, it is highly recommended to regularly check the temperature during press runs. The Litho-Kit includes a 20 mm/8 in. long-stem thermometer to check the temperature ot the solution in the fountain pan ... the most accurate place to test.

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