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- Model YWS Series - Submerged Bearing Pumps



The Nagle type YWS pump is a single stage centrifugal slurry pump. It is available with bottom suction or optional top suction and is designed for wet pit use. The unit incorporates easy maintenance features, including split yoke bearing assemblies and lubrication of the lower bearing from above the floor plate.

  • Submerged bearings are of split design allowing replacement without pump disassembly.
  • Bottom radial bearing ride on a replaceable shaft sleeve for protection under the bearing. Intermediate bearings ride on a hardened stainless shaft surface.
  • Casing is single volute, single discharge with progressive casing wall thickness for maximum service life.
  • Adjustable impeller maintains design conditions. Impeller adjustment is made above the mounting plate.
  • Pump bearings designed to withstand maximum possible thrust loads to utilize standard thrust motors
  • All mating proprietary components piloted to insure concentricity during maintenance, impeller adjustments and assembly.
  • Discharge elbow and pipe are of standard design eliminating special proprietary items.
  • Through bolt construction used eliminating blind tapped holes and stud type construction.
  • Sizes 1' through 16', Capacities to 10,000 USGPM

  • Direct coupled or V-belt driven.
  • Top or bottom suction.
  • Chemical or slurry type wet end designs.


The submerged bearings consist of split sleeves mounted in a split yoke housing which is clamped across the heavy duty structural tubular supports. These are clamped by means of through bolts and bearing replacement is quick and simple with no need to disturb the casing and the impeller. Bearing replacement can sometimes be made without removing the pump. This open bearing arrangement permits easier inspection and complete lubrication or flushing. The split yokes are held together by through bolts which can either be loosened, or if necessary, burned, sawed or chiseled off if corrosion or age is the problem; an impossibility when attempting to remove conventional tapped-in studs. The bearing material itself can be micarta, ni-resist, cutless rubber, babbit, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, teflon, or any other available material suitable for the particular application. The method of bearing lubrication can be grease, water, or lubrication by the liquid which is being pumped.

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