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- Model Star - Air-Stable nZVI Nanopowder for Groundwater Remediation



New AIR-STABLE nZVI powder, consisting of Fe(0) surface stabilized nanoparticles. The product is easier and safer to store, transport, handle and process compared to non-stabilized nZVI NANOFER 25P but it still keeps extreme reactivity with reducible pollutants in water environment.

  • Stabilization by thin anorganic surface layer protects nZVI against rapid oxidation if in contact with air (no pyrophoric properties, easy handling, much lower packaging and transportation costs compared to NANOFER 25P).
  • The product keeps highest reactivity in water in spite of surface stabilization.
  • Shipping cost savings up to 80%: only reactive material is transported in comparison to water slurry products (composed by 20% of nanoparticles and 80% of water).
  • Practically unlimited storage time in closed packaging.
  • Modification by CMC improves migration properties.


Simple Dispersion Unit

Simple device for emulsification and manufacturing of nZVI slurry from air-stable nZVI (NANOFER STAR). Batch capacity: 50L


Dosing Unit

Device for continuous in-line dilution of nZVI slurry to desired concentration.



Simple device for measurement of reactive zero-valent iron content in a slurry or powder.


Product availability: The product is available in order of tones on our stock for immediate delivery.

NANOFER STAR is distributed in steel canisters (100g, 1kg, 5kg) packaged according to all legal requirements. It is recommended to use our simple dispersion unit (see Equipment) to process this nanopowder into a slurry form. Please see NANOFER STAR manual for detailed product handling instructions.

Shelf-life: The product may be stored in original packaging for unlimited time in cool and dry environment. Please avoid contact with water and excesive heat before use.

Shipping: The product is transportable by all means via. road (ADR), rail (RID), sea (IMDG) and plane (IATA) according to international standards for shipping of dangerous goods.

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