NanOil Emulsion

NanOil Emulsion

NanOil System

From a general standpoint, the NanOil’s system is an advanced piece of equipment, which produces emulsion fuel by accurately monitoring water, fuel and additive flows while mixing these in the desired ratio. In a result this fuel can then be utilized in any application as a fuel source. Initially the fuel is mixed with the additives inside the system and then the water is added to the mixture. This mixture is then pumped into the nanomizer where the high shear mixer pump, under high pressure, will produce the desired molecular size and dispersion required for the emulsion fuel to be as effective as possible.

Quality management is of key importance and the machine therefore is equipped with a number of safeguards that always make sure that the emulsion lives up to the stringent requirements NanOil has to its products. The safeguards include close monitoring of the following parameters:

Temperature         Flow      Viscosity      Particle     Size      Pressure       Volumes

Should any of these factors fall outside a number of predefined critical values, the operator will get a notification. The system will shut down to prevent damage.

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