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National Pollution Discharge Elimination System: NPDES


NPDES No Exposure. Does your site require a NPDES permit? Can you qualify for No Exposure exclusion? A site may meet the conditions of the “no exposure” exclusion as specified by the Federal EPA. “No exposure” is defined in-part by the Federal EPA as “… all industrial materials and activities are protected by a storm resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snowmelt, and/or runoff. Industrial materials or activities include, but are not limited to, material handling equipment or activities, industrial machinery, raw materials, intermediate products, by-products, final products, and waste products.”

It may be possible for an industrial facility to apply for a “no exposure” certification and be excluded from the requirement to obtain an NPDES stormwater discharge permit “IF” certain criteria are met in accordance with Federal Regulatory requirements. Many States follow Federal guidelines for the No Exposure certification. We advise all who seek this path to have your facility reviewed by a licensed Professional Engineer.

The professional staff of Quest Consultants can assist clients with all requirements of NPDES stormwater discharge permits, including the following:

Preparation of “No Exposure” Certification Application Forms”

Preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) (as specified in the Code of Federal Regulations) and Storm Water Pollution Control Plans (SWPCP) for the State of California.

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