Nature`s Broom, Inc.

- Broom Absorbent (.9 Cubic foot)


Nature’s Broom is a revolutionary absorbent technology that starts soaking up the spill as soon as it touches the liquid! Unlike clay absorbents, there is no need to wait before finishing cleanup.

  • 22'X16'X4' poly bag
  • .9 cubic foot
  • 90 bags per pallet
  • Absorbs wide range of oils, fuels, anti-freeze, grease and other types of spills. Contains micro-organisms that bioremediate hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Bio-based granules encapsulate spill on contact
  • 5.2 pounds of Nature’s Broom will absorb 2 gallons of oil
  • 5 pounds will absorb 2 gallons anti-freeze
  • 4.7 pounds will absorb 2 gallons of diesel
  • 4 pounds will absorb 1 gallon paint

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