Nota Bene Technology (NBT)

- Model SR900 Series - Spread Spectrum Wireless Radios


The SR900 Series Wireless Radio was specifically designed for today's telemetry and SCADA application.  It is a reliable, cost-effective, license-free radio interface with transceiver frequency hopping from 902 - 928 MHz.  This telemetry radio is perfect for any point-to-point and point-to-multipoint serial equipment operation.

The SR900 is field configurable as either a master, slave or repeater and comes with built in CRC-16 error detection and auto-retransmit to provide accurate and reliable data transmission.  It has the maximum allowable transmit power (1-watt) with a superior gain of 135 dB allowing line-of-sight communications at distances over 14 miles.  Non line-of-sight communication is also possible since the SR900 can be used as a repeater to span the distances for other nodes in the network.

The sixty two different user-selectable pseudo-random hopping patterns support multiple networks and addressing includes station ID and network address.  In addition, the user configurable encryption maximizes security and privacy.

The SR900 has a small footprint making it ideal for panel mounting, has digital and analog I/O options available, and it can be configured as either a master or slave with the included, easy-to-use Windows based configuration utility.

In Review:

  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint operations
  • Field Configurable as Master, Slave or Repeater
  • Built-in Repeater Capabilities
  • Power requirements 12-24VDC 500ma
  • Compact 'footprint' ideal for panel mounting
  • Configuration Software included
  • Spectrum Analyzer and Remote Diagnostics included with Software
  • Transparent operation for ASCII or most PLC and SCADA protocols
  • 1 Watt RF output; 10-20 mile range (subject to terrain, etc.)
  • Remote Diagnostics and Programming
  • License Free 900 MHz ISM band
  • Configurable for complex networks using multiple repeaters

Modbus I/O

  • 5 Digital In, 2 Digital Out and 2 Analog In
  • Base I/O Expansion Options (RS232 connection)
  • 4 Digital In, 4 Digital Out and 1 Analog In or ...
  • 2 Digital In, 1 Digital Out, and 4 Analog In

Expansion Card Options

  • 4 Digital In, 4 Digital Out or ...
  • 8 Digital In

Spread Spectrum Telemetry Radio

  • Programmable selection of channels
  • 12-24 VDC power requirement
  • Dial modem emulation mode allows calling a specific remote site
  • Transparent operation with asynchronous protocols
  • Send/receive packet analysis

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