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- Model NTK-TTLR & NTK-TTSR - Test Tube Format Nitrate Test Kit



Use this kit for quantitative nitrate analysis of essentially any aqueous sample, from wastewater to soil and plant extracts. This test tube format kit is to be used with your colorimeter or spectrophotometer capable of reading at 540nm± 20nm. NECi's recombinant Nitrate Reductase drives all Nitrate to Nitrite using NADH, which reacts with color reagents under acidic conditions to produce a visible color.

  • 25 Sample or 100 Sample Analysis
  • Choose either Freshwater or Saltwater Analysis

NECi Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR):

  • Recombinant AtNaR fermented according to strict QA/QC procedures with reagent grade water and analytical grade sugars and salts, ensuring lot-to-lot consistency, reliablility, and stability 
  • Purified to Homegeneity by Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography Guarantees Greater than 95% Purity
  • Freeze Dried Stable Indefinitely at -20°C, 2 Years at 4°C, 1 Year at 25°C (RT)
  • Stable in Working Solution for 1 Year at -20°C, 2 Weeks at 4°C, 8 Hours at 25°C (RT)
  • Small Sample Volume and Enzyme Reagents Offer Sustainability and No Hassle Shipping, Storage and Disposal for Your Laboratory

Number of tests - Low Range ID - Standard Range ID

  • 25 tests - NTK-TTLR-25 - NTK-TTSR-25
  • 100 tests - NTK-TTLR-100 - NTK-TTSR-100

*Saltwater option is available on all product sizes and ranges.*

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You will need a graduated cylinder, variable pipetters, a test tube vortex-type mixer, colorimeter or spectrophotometer with glass or plastic cuvettes, clean and nitrate-free 13 x 100mm test tubes, a timer, Nitrate-free deionized water, concentrated HCl, and ice.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Assay Buffer
  • Color Reagent No. 1 Powder
  • Color Reagent No. 2 Powder
  • Freeze Dried NADH
  • Freeze Dried Nitrate Reductase
  • Enzyme Diluent
  • 100 ppm Nitrate-N Standard
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • Set of Instructions
  • NaCl Water (only if you are testing seawater)

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