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- Model AtNaR-RPk - AtNaR Reagent Pack


Superior Stock AtNaR + NADH Packs For Your Laboratory. Packs include 1.0 unit of AtNaR-2 plus calibrated quantities of reaction cofactors (freeze-dried form). Recombinant Plant NADH Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR-2). For analysis run between 20 – 45°C. Highly stable in working solution. Each pack sufficient for 20-50 assays, depending on your assay design. Manufactured in Pichia pastoris. Shelf-life of up to 6 months at room temperature. Highest Specific Activity AtNaR-2 on the market. Small sample size in relation to total assay volume. Little sample preparation required. High specificity reduces false positives. Suited for 3%+ NaCl environments.

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