NECi Superior Enzymes

- Model NTK-WLR - Low Range Water Nitrate Test Kit


Easy to Use, Quick and Reliable Results, Non-Toxic. Obtain near lab-quality results within 30 minutes. Non-toxic kit contents ensure safety for humans and the environment. No laboratory experience or materials needed. Free 'NECi color slider' application for mobile devices with kit purchase to make analysis even easier.

Available in Standard Range (0.5 ppm - 10.0 ppm Nitrate-N) and Low Range (0.05 ppm - 2.0 ppm Nitrate-N)

  • For ambient, unimpaired environmental sources of water, choose the low range test kit
  • For drinking water, well water, agricultural runoff, and other types of water, choose the standard range test kit 

Available in kit sizes to measure nitrate content of 5, 10, 25, or 50 samples

Use these colorimetric test kits to measure nitrate content in:

  • Well water, drinking water, agricultural water, pond water
  • Streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, wetlands, and other environmental watersheds
  • Wastewater, industrial manufacturing effluent, and more
  • Aquarium, Hydroponic, Aquaculture, Aquaponic water (please inquire if different range of nitrate detection is required other than what is offered)

Two Ways to Improve Your Nitrate Testing ExperienceUse our New Handheld Photometer

Check out our new handheld photometer which displays and tracks nitrate and phosphate results digitally on Android mobile devices.  Obtain near lab-quality data without needing laboratory equipment or experience.  Our Introductory Photometer Package is complete with the photometer, instructions, and a 10-sample test kit pack of your choice.  Use your own Android mobile device, or add-on a control pad tablet for tracking, storage, and sharing of data.

Number of tests - Low Range ID - Standard Range ID

  • 05 tests - NTK-WLR-05 - NTK-WSR-05
  • 10 tests - NTK-WLR-10 - NTK-WSR-10
  • 25 tests - NTK-WLR-25 - NTK-WSR-25
  • 50 tests - NTK-WLR-50 - NTK-WSR-50

NECi's Nitrate Test Kits are enzyme based unlike other nitrate test kits commercially available.  Enzymes are proteins, biologically derived, meaning that they are safe to handle and dispose of.  These kits are easy to use and are excellent educational tools for learning about enzymatic activity, water quality, biochemistry, agriculture, and more.  Ask about our 'education discount' for classroom use.  No laboratory training is required, and results are ready within 30 minutes.

Compact and lightweight kit design allows for easy instant on-site nitrate determination in the field.  The US EPA and many states sponsor programs for citizens to monitor water quality in their community(More information here).  These kits will measure nitrate in both fresh and salt water.

  • Cardboard Cuvette Holder(s)
  • Sample Collection Tubes
  • Reaction Cuvettes (contains enzyme)
  • Squeeze Bulbs of Buffer
  • Pipettes
  • Ampoules of Color Reagent
  • Squeeze Bulb(s) of Nitrate Standard
  • Set of Instructions

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