- Model SUPER 40 - 40` Diameter Reinforced Composite Axial Fan Orchard Sprayer



NELSON HARDIE® Super 40 engine-drive air-blast sprayer provides exceptional coverage in medium-height trees such as pistachios and almonds, taller trees like hedge-row walnuts and crops with heavy foliage, like citrus.

The Super 40 features the huge 40' diameter, 16-blade SuperTuff® axial fan for best performance and coverage in and through your trees. Fan blades are uniquely designed from hub to tip which, not only produce an even and quiet air flow, but are very efficient, making the most of engine horsepower and providing maximum air delivery. This long-lasting fan is light in weight, eliminating the need for a clutch and the associated maintenance. Also, unlike heavy welded steel fans, the Nelson SuperTuff® fan has no welds that can crack, they never require costly balancing and are very inexpensive to replace. The 4-cylinder engine and frame design results in a very short overall length with a tight turning radius making the Super 40 a great choice in orchards with narrow row spacings and tight headlands.

The Super 40 is powered by your choice of 125HPJohn Deere Powertech E or 140HP Cummins QSB 4-cylinder, 4.5L diesel engines that are turbocharged, air-to-air after-cooled in Tier 3 or Interim Tier 4 and include safety shut -down protection.

NELSON HARDIE® sprayers are built to exact specifications. The 500 gallon chemical tank is built from heavy 12 gauge Type 304 stainless steel with 3/16' thick stainless mounting rails for the ultimate in strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Doors, hood, front and side panels are also stainless steel to further minimize your maintenance time and costs.

The 3' x 8' heavy wall tubular frame and the heavy gauge fan housing are both galvanized for long-lasting durability. The rugged axle assembly and heavy duty tongue hitch are easily adjusted for preferred ground clearance and level towing.

All NELSON HARDIE® Engine-drive sprayers include Electric controls and Full engine instrumentation on an LCD monitor at the Operator station. Another exclusive, the NELSON HARDIE® 'Set and Forget' Pressure regulator, enables quick water pressure adjustment and helps keep spray pressure constant from full tank to empty.

Ceramic orifices and swirl plates (standard) withstand the most abrasive chemicals and the Roll-over Discharge valves with Anti-drip provide extra calibration versatility.

Other important features include the extra deep, heavy gauge stainless steel fill basket and the Nelson Mfg. exclusive 'Non-Splash' tank lid which allows tank venting in both directions.

The huge 8' x 12' high volume suction strainer is all stainless steel and extra large discharge filters are all designed to maximize spraying time before needed cleaning. Stainless steel is used on all plumbing fittings from the 500 gallon tank to the discharge manifolds eliminating rust and corrosion and saving costly downtime.

The NELSON HARDIE® Jet agitation system with high-volume Eductors keeps even heavy powders fully suspended in the tank water, proving to be more effective than mechanical agitation without bearing and belt maintenance or having to rely on shaft seals that eventually leak. Nelson offers Mechanical agitation that includes an 1-1/4' S/S shaft, if you prefer.
The dependable two-stage Centrifugal pump with twin 7-inch Impellors produces up to 100 GPM at 200 PSI which provides plenty of spray volume and excellent tank agitation.

NELSON HARDIE® sprayers have become a favorite with discriminating individual farmers as well as large ranches and demanding custom applicators. These tough yet very effective sprayers will go the distance, giving your crop the protection it requires and providing you with many years of dependable service.


  • Single 40' Diameter Axial Fan, 16-blades, SuperTuff® reinforced composite
  • Electric Sprayer Controls: Valves and Throttle
  • Full Engine instrumentation on LCD screen
  • Large liquid Sight Gauge on front panel
  • 2-Stage centrifugal Pump, 100GPM @ 200PSI
  • 21.5Lx 16.1,14-ply Tires, ribbed
  • H.D. adjustable height Wheel spindles and Hitch
  • Galvanized Frame, 3' x 8' heavy wall tubing
  • Galvanized heavy gauge Fan housing & guards
  • Galvanized Lower volutes, adjustable
  • Roll-over Discharge Valves with Anti-drip
  • Ceramic Orifices and Swirl cores
  • Stainless steel Tank, 500 Gal., 12 gauge, T304
  • Stainless steel Fill Basket, 16' Dia. x 17' tall
  • Stainless steel 'Non-Splash' tank lid
  • Stainless steel Jet Agitation with Eductors
  • Stainless steel 'Set & Forget' regulator
  • Stainless steel Suction Strainer, 8'Dia.X12' long
  • Stainless steel Discharge Strainers, 3' Dia.
  • Stainless steel Discharge Manifolds
  • Stainless steel Plumbing fittings & clamps
  • Stainless steel Hoods, Doors, Panels


  • Tank size: Any size from 500 Gal. (2000 Liters)
  • to 1,000 Gal. (4000 Liters)
  • Tires, 11.25x24 ribbed or
  • 'Turf & Field' 21.5x16.1 (or Owner choice)
  • Two (2) Work lights, halogen with S/S Guard
  • Tank Flange, T or 3TPT, S/S welded to Tank
  • Mechanical Agitation, 1-1/4' Dia. shaft, S/S
  • ONE SHOT® Tree recognition system

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