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Companies are facing an increase in complexity related to NERC regulatory compliance and with that comes an increase in costs. Companies are being exposed to changes in NERC regulations on a daily basis and it is critical that they have an effective compliance management system in place that can capture these changes and alert proper personnel.

Argent targets key information at the site level to help demonstrate compliance for a specific registration. We can help your site determine applicability, whether GO, GOP, or another registration.

Argent can build a NERC Reliability Compliance Manual specifically tailored to your business, complete with all standards and audit requirements. We specialize in:

  • CIP Compliance
  • Standard Development
  • NERC Maintenance and Testing
  • RSAW Review
  • NERC Gap Analysis
  • NERC Audit Support

Argent’s goal is to take any NERC program and build it to an auditable level in a relatively short amount of time. Argent’s NERC expertise has led to successful audits resulting in no outstanding issues or mitigation plans for the company.

Hire Argent for your next audit.

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