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- Model BB9090 - Balers


The largest model of the superior BB9000 big baler range is the BB9090. Its superior performance both in terms of perfect, firm, well-shaped bales as well as high daily output, is the result of the combination of outstanding features and operational convenience. On top of the massive bale size and the proven double knot system, the plunger of the new BB9090 makes 33 strokes per minute which means a speed increase of 32%, boosting overall capacity and bale shape. Its modern appearance reflects its compliance with the demands of today’s large scale straw baling operations.

For total reliability the strong construction of the BB9090 model copes with the highest possible loads and strains. The massive gearbox, the heavy flywheel and the highest specifications of key components assure an undisturbed field operation and a long baler life.

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