PT Irako Eengineering

PT Irako Eengineering

- Non Seal (Centrifugal) Pump


Nikkiso Company Limited, a pioneered in “Canned Motor Pumps” began production in Japan beginning in1957. Nikkiso is now one of the largest manufacturers of “Canned Motor Pumps” in the world. “Nikkiso Non-Seal”, a registered trade mark, is another commonly used term for “Canned Motor Pumps”. “Canned Motor Pumps” were firstly created to meet the zero leakage and maximum reliability requirements of the nuclear power industry.

Since then, Nikkiso Non-Seal Pumps have been continually refined over the past 50 years to economically meet the requirements of safety, reliability and maintainability of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Today, because of our advantages, Nikkiso Non-Seal Pumps are widely used in general industries, even on water application Special Features

  • Continuous bearing control by bearing monitor
  • High pump and motor efficiency
  • Automatic thrust balance
  • 40 bar (g) casing as standard

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Oleo chemical industry
  • Liquefied gases
  • Low temp

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