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- Portable Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant

Biological treatment packages generally use conventional aerobic methods such as activated sludge method using the extended aeration process which with respect to financial and energy considerations and low efficiency rate regarding climatic standards did not receive much attention. Thus, in order to eliminate available problems and synchronous with treatment technology in developed countries, anaerobic ,anoxic and aerobic treatment processes, hybrid methods baffle bioreactors and benefits of integrating growth (M)are used in producing novel biological treatment packages. Nilfam Systems is recognized worldwide for its expertise and knowledge to treat wastewater to a completely safe sanitary water effluent quality discharge which meets and even exceeds standards recommended by the EPA Environmental Protection Agency. Choosing a packaged wastewater treatment plant offers users a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated way of treating wastewater with an aerobic process with integrated growth. The resulting effluent can safelybe directed into the environment such as streams, rivers, bodies of water Discharges, etc. Treated non-potable water is also being used as a new water source to support agricultural and aquaculture production, industrial usages, water sustainability, and retrieval uses such as irrigation, wash down, and artificial recharge.

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