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- Model WW - Containerized Wastewater Treatment Using Membrane Bioreactors



NIROBOX WW is a modular, flexible, and highly efficient wastewater treatment plant that uses membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. It delivers treated effluent that meets the highest regulatory standards, allowing direct discharge, as well as water reuse in irrigation, industry, and more.

Nirobox WW is offered in two standard models, with flow ranges from 50 to 100 m3/d. Each is configured in a standard 40-foot shipping container.

Nirobox WW reliably removes pollutants with a comprehensive treatment process that combines biological treatment and membrane filtration. The resulting effluent quality is virtually devoid of suspended solids.

Maximizing capacity while minimizing footprint and keeping operational overhead in check, Nirobox WW offers:

  • Flexible influent parameters
  • Stable and monitored effluent parameters
  • Total internet connectivity for remote monitoring and management

Nirobox WW is equipped with a computerized control system for complete remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control from anywhere, over any platform. This lowers operational and maintenance costs and helps keep sites 100% optimized.

Fed by a pumping station, Nirobox WW runs wastewater through a preliminary filtration for a maximum initial particle size of 2 mm. That’s followed by a denitrification process in the anoxic zone, then nitrification and BOD removal in the aerobic zone. Finally, suspended solids are reduced with ultrafiltration in the MBR zone. The permeate is directed to a contact tank for disinfection. Nirobox WW produces a constant, clear permeate and requires minimal maintenance of only two chemical cleanings per year.

Additional pretreatment add-ons include feed pumping stations, screen filters, and oil separators. Post-treatment options include chlorination dosing systems, and delivery pumping stations.

Fluence provides supervision of erection, start up and commissioning, operator training, full operational and maintenance support/contracts. Contact Fluence to learn more about wastewater treatment with the Nirobox, or to discuss your next project with our experts.

  • Small communities
  • Common municipal sewage treatment
  • Independent sewage treatment for stand-alone operations such as hotels and housing complexes
  • As a process step for industrial wastewater treatment
  • Livestock waste treatment

Leading the way in water, wastewater, and reuse treatment solutions, Fluence believes that everyone – everywhere – deserves access to clean water. There is no cost-effective technological reason that individuals, communities, or industries should experience water scarcity.

The NIROBOX™ family of solutions challenges convention by providing advanced treatment technologies in affordable and compact packages. Nirobox offers the industry’s smallest overall footprint, which makes the units ideal for the industrial, municipal, and commercial markets.

With models for desalination of seawater and brackish water, and models for treatment of fresh water and wastewater, the Nirobox line of products will provide a suitable solution to your needs.

Nirobox streamlines the economic, environmental, and logistical challenges associated with large-scale desalination and centralized water treatment plants. Nirobox offers flexible, affordable solutions with minimal environmental impact at the most competitive cost available.

Nirobox modular solutions are ideal for:

  • Municipalities and growing communities
  • Housing developments
  • Construction sites
  • Commercial establishments
  • Resorts, hotels, and golf clubs
  • Remote oil and gas facilities
  • Power plants
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Mining camps and operations


NIROBOX™ treatment units are available in a number of configurations to suit your site’s size and capacity requirements, allowing fast integration, commissioning, and operation.

Nirobox building blocks are modular and can be adapted to your requirements, providing an independent solution on virtually any scale, from single, self-contained units to large water and wastewater treatment plants.


We offer NIROPLANT and NIROSITE installation options when large-capacity solutions are required.

Niroplant and Nirosite are the ideal solution for decentralized water treatment plants, where ease of operation, lower capital costs, fast delivery and a modular approach are required.

Economy and Efficiency

Our preassembled Nirobox plants are housed in standard shipping containers and are ready to go. They’re engineered for fast deployment, as well as simple operation and maintenance. They also integrate the most energy-efficient components available.

Flexibility and Scalability

Due to smart pre-engineering and design, Nirobox is ready for integration with other systems and equipment. It is completely modular, allowing for capacity upgrades if required. Multiple pre-engineered configurations are available, enabling fast delivery, integration, commissioning, and operation.


Low energy consumption and chemical use reduce the environmental impact of Nirobox plants. The boxes’ unique, patent-pending design provides a unique configuration of low-energy membranes, positive displacement high-pressure pump, work exchanger energy-recovery device, and variable frequency device (VFD). The Nirobox is the lowest carbon footprint desalination plant in its class.


Nirobox’s modular containers can be easily moved for redeployment or resale should your water treatment needs change.

Compact Size

Nirobox’s compact footprint minimizes site impact, lowers the cost of site development, and ensures easy expansion.

Operational Intelligence

Nirobox’s operating systems are fully automated, and remotely monitored and operated, which allows optimization of flow rates, chemical consumption, energy consumption, and more. Our smart design keeps ongoing equipment, operation, and maintenance expenses in check. Data and reports are easily accessible from anywhere on any platform. Real-time alerts can be sent for system malfunctions or abnormal performance.

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