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ADC Gas Analysis Ltd.

Nitrogen or Hydrogen Analysers



Argon, Helium,  *Nitrogen or Hydrogen can be used as carrier gas and g sensitivity for measuring low ppb traces. Patent pending design to work easily with any type of columns. (packed, capillary, micro packed). ALL IN ONE detector:  permanent gases, hydrocarbons, sulfurs, noble gases, toxic gases, corrosive gases, etc. Made of quartz: No corrosion or impurity absorption (inert material). PPB to % detection (extended dynamic range). Can use selective and non-selective configurations (optical filters). No need of additional gas like fuel and air as used with FID. No gas generator needed. It is a good return on investment and SAFE. No dead volume: avoids creation of phantom peaks that occurs in conventional ionization detector when using capillary column. Radio-Active free

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