Niutech Environment Technology Corporation

- Model EET008 - Industrial continuous pyrolysis plant for waste tires/rubber/plastics

Composition: The industrial continuous pyrolysis plant is composed of shredding system (optional), continuous pyrolysis system, heat supply system, oil and gas cooling and separation system, combustible gas scrubbing system, discharging system and gas purification system. Main Features and Advantages: 1. Real-sense industrial continuous pyrolysis equipment with clients operating both in China and abroad. 2. Unique low-temperature catalytic pyrolysis technology, non-coking heat distribution technology, 3. Fully automatic; PLC is applied in the whole system. 4. Low labor demand, only 3~4 workers are required 5. Over 30 years’ experience ensures the stability and safety in operation 6. Extremely environment-friendly Niutech obtained CE, TUV and ISO certificates, as well as over 70 national and international patents. Clients are distributed in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, including Germany, Estonia, Hungary, US, Brazil, India, Thailand, Malaysia Taiwan and China.

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