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- Model M14-1 - Wildlife Cannon



The Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 Sound Cannon is the first product of its kind to provide a comprehensive list of features in one integrated solution. Use to deter both birds and animals from large areas such as Airports, landfills, field crops, etc.

Use to deter both birds and animals from large areas such as Airports, landfills, field crops, etc.

  • Product Update: Every new Model 14-1 now includes Multi-Shot, which allows you to select between 1, 2, & 3 shots every time the cannon fires!
  • The 130dB Model 14-1 offers a compact, integrated design without compromising capability. The M14-1's sleek housing packs all of its technology into a small, easy to handle package.  Weighing in at only 30lbs with its collapsible tripod (not including propane tank), the M14-1 is easy to operate and transport.
  • Employing an electronic ignition system, the Model 14-1 guarantees accurate, efficient, and reliable operation with an adjustable detonation timer featuring two random fire modes (variable from 1 - 10min & 5 - 30min). It also incorporates a fault tolerant solar charging system with an included internal battery.
  • The Model 14-1 is designed to survive rough handling and operate effectively in the harshest outdoor climates. It is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminized steel and aluminum, then powder coated for additional durability. Primary electronics are resin potted and all connectors treated to prevent corrosion. Perfect for agriculture, industrial, airports, landfills and more.

Available as:
Cannon and Tripod package, Cannon only or Tripod only.

Model 14-1 Specifications

  • Sound Pressure Level: 130dB @1m
  • Selectable Firing Frequency: 30sec - 2hr and 2 Random Modes
  • Chronometer Precision: +/- 1%
  • Operating Temp Range: -5º F to 140º F  (-20º C to 70º C)
  • LPG Efficiency: > 20.000 Cycles  (20lb Tank)
  • Electric Draw: < 0.2mA Standby / 0.0004Ah Per Cycle
  • Battery Capacity: 8Ah SLA 12VDC
  • Dimensions  (w/o Tripod): L 40' (101.6cm)
  • W 10' (25.4cm)
  • H 5' (12.7cm)
  • Weight (w/o LPG Tank): Cannon: 22.5 lb  (10.2 kg)
  • Tripod: 8.0 lb  (3.6 kg)
  • Shipping: 40 lb  (18.1 kg)
  • Emissions Compliance: FCC: Part 15, Subpart B
  • ICES: 001, Issue 4
  • EN: 61000-6-3:2007

Although well-equipped out of the box, Nixalite offers an assortment of feature enhancing accessories to further extend the Model 14-1's abilities. From tripod extensions and feet, to battery chargers and replacement parts.

360º Rotating Tripod for the Model 14-1 propane sound cannon provides coverage over a larger area by rotating the cannon ~30° every time it fires. Just like our standard tripod, it's constructed from durable, corrosion resistant metals, is collapsible, and includes 3 hooks to support a standard 20lb propane tank (not included).
The rotating tripod uses a stainless steel gas swivel and two heavy bearings to ensure consistent, reliable rotation after every shot. A quick-disconnect fitting between cannon and tripod is also included to make setup and repositioning a breeze.

Tripod feet add stability and grip for tough terrain.

Tripod leg extensions add another 24' to the height to get above tall ground cover or other obstructions.

12 Volt DC trickle charger to keep the battery of your Model 14-1 charged when not in use, or to recharge the battery when used in areas that do not provide sufficient sunlight for solar charging.

Nighttime deactivation switch disables the cannon from sunup to sundown. This capability may be desirable to preserve fuel if nighttime operation is not necessary or to comply with local noise ordinances. If so equipped, the nighttime deactivation function can be enabled / disabled via an included toggle switch. The cost is $25.00 and this function is factory installed.

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