- Tanglefoot Paste Bird Repellent



This clear, non-drying, sticky compound is used to discourage birds from landing on all types of surfaces. Colorless and odorless, Tanglefoot is an EPA registered bird repellent for use against pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Tanglefoot remains effective in repelling birds for up to a year under normal conditions.

For best results:
Thoroughly clean the application surface before applying any bird repellent. Follow all recommended precautions related to the hazards of bird and animal waste. Apply Tanglefoot only to clean and dry surfaces. Seal porous surfaces such as wood, stone or concrete with paint or sealer before application. TIP: Apply a water resistant tape on the surface first, then apply the Tanglefoot to the tape. That way if it becomes necessary to reapply because of dust & debris buildup you can simply pull up and discard the used tape and repeat the process for reapplication. Tanglefoot remains effective from 40o F. to 100o F. High heat can make Tanglefoot run. For more detailed application information, download the Tanglefoot Brochure (PDF).

Availability: Tanglefoot Paste Bird Repellent is available in all US states. Limited availability in Canada and other countries. For more details Contact Nixalite or review the Item Availability page.

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