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- Model ARM - Automated Remote Manipulator



NLB’s new Automated Remote Manipulator (ARM) lets an operator manipulate a variety of water blasting tools from the safety and comfort of a climate controlled cab. This not only provides more protection, but reduces downtime and expense. He or she uses convenient joystick controls to position the tooling and then start and stop the flow of high-pressure water.

With an ARM, operators won’t experience the fatigue that can affect the quality of manual water jetting. Also, semi-automated water jetting produces more consistent results than individual operators with different techniques or skill levels.

  • The ARM’s unique quick tool connection system makes changing tooling fast and easy.
  • The system’s powerful arm allows it to handle over 600 HP water jet tools
  • Improves job productivity.
  • Wide jet pattern for better coverage.
  • Operation at 600 hp and pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,760 bar)
  • Easy compliance with OSHA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
  • vertical reach approximately 12 feet; horizontal reach approximately 17 feet

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