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- Model Saflex-2001 - Flexible Lance System



NLB’s new Saflex-2001 semi-automated tube lancers are safe and effective tools for water jet cleaning the I.D. of tubes.  They feature an all new hose drive system that is powerful enough to drive hoses with an O.D. range of 7 to 15 mm. at pressures to 20,000 psi (1,400 bar).The Saflex-2001 allows the operator to position the lances against the tube bundle, and then index them forward with the controls on the hand lance.  The flow of the high-pressure water can be started and stopped with the appropriate NLB foot box (not included).

Switching from one size hose to another is as simple as opening up the clam shell enclosure, removing one set of hoses, installing a new set, and replacing hose stops and wipers.  There are no additional adjustments to make, and the center line of hoses always remains the same.

The optional hose reel provides a simple and effective way for operators to manage the high pressure flex lances.  The reel works in conjunction with the Saflex-2001, reeling in and letting our hose as the operator needs it.

  • The Saflex 2001′s unique hose drive system makes changing hoses fast and easy.  Few parts need to be changed out, and no additional adjustments are necessary.
  • The system can run one or two lances at a time, depending on the operators need.
  •  Fully adjustable flex lance stroke length allows the machine to be configured for various length bundles.
  • Portable (on a cart) and easy to set up
  • The system’s high torque drive allows the system to work with flex lances with an O.D. of 7-15 mm at pressures to 20,000 psi.

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