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- Pneumatic Blending Systems and Mixer


Reliability is the keyword when it comes to the value of Nol-Tec's systems generally, and our Model 244 and Model 277 Pneumatic Blenders are prime examples. Built with few moving parts, our pneumatic mixers blend powders and granulate quickly, cleanly, and efficiently with consistent results. Equipped with six or twelve wear-resistant aerators mounted around a housing cone, gentle blasts of compressed air are injected into the center of the batch. This action softly lifts materials upward and outward until the blending target is achieved. Adjusting the air pressure, on/off duration, and the number of pulses optimizes the blending action/time.

Maintenance issues are minimized through the efficiency of the Nol-Tec design, with externally accessible aeration valve assemblies to help make repair/replacement quick and easy. We encourage you to witness blend testing at our Lino Lakes facility so that you can be assured it will work in your application.

Providing straight answers for your company's pneumatic bulk material handling needs is what Nol-Tec Systems is all about. You can rely on our expertise and value oriented approach to deliver assured production efficiencies and long-term performance reliabilities to solve your bulk material handling challenges. Please Contact Us today to begin a free, no-obligation review of your application and requirements.


  • Six or twelve aeration valve assemblies (Models 244 & 277)
  • Ceramic valve seat for long life
  • Abrasion resistant urethane valve
  • Non-restrictive discharge valve with positive position indicator
  • Wear parts are replaceable without removing blending cone
  • Batch sizes from 5 to 5,000 cubic feet


  • Interior coatings
  • Explosion-proof electrical
  • Custom mounting flanges
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary or USDA dairy dry design
  • High-temperature design
  • Can be mounted in a dense phase transporter
  • Dust collection

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