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Norstar's En-Masse Chain Conveyor is the most efficient way to move your grain horizontally in terms of HP/Bushel and offers the highest fill rate available for your conveying needs. The En-Masse offers exceptional contamination protection with its fully-enclosed housing, self-cleaning tail and options like our flush mounted slide gate. The En-Masse conveyor can be used for on-grade, underground and overhead conveyance, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of material handling applications.


9', 12', 15' and 18'

Up to 150' runs

5° - 15°

Premium Polyester Powder Coat or Stainless Steel

High Efficiency Conveyance

Norstar En-Masse Chain Conveyors feature a fully-enclosed housing with an open interior that promotes a higher fill rate than other forms of conveyance. The En-Masse Conveyor's skeletal chain and paddle assembly requires less housing space than a belt or auger system, reducing its footprint and requiring less horse power to operate.

Contamination Protection

Norstar Chain Conveyors offer exceptional protection against product contamination. The fully-enclosed housing with UHMW shaft seals ensures the conveyor remains weather tight, negates the need for external dust control and prevents product drop-off commonly seen in other open-housed conveyance. Features like our Self-Cleaning Tail and optional items like our flush-mounted Cross Slide Gate and Cleaning Paddles further ensure the quality of your product.
Maintenance Friendly

Norstar Chain Conveyors feature bolt-on conveyor covers that are easily removed and provide extensive access for inspection and clean-out. Chain repair can be executed far more efficiently than belt or auger repair (no more time-consuming splicing of belts). Loosen or tighten the chain easily with the screw-in tension system.

Versatile Conveyance
Norstar Chain Conveyors are versatile in their application capabilities. Able to be utilized for under-bin, overhead, underground and various on-grade conveyance, Norstar Chain Conveyors are a quality solution in multiple stages of your operation.

Self-Cleaning Tail Section
All Norstar Chain Conveyors feature our standard Self-Cleaning Tail. The tail section features a curved back wall that prevents material from building up in the back corner of the tail. This curved wall is attached to the unit's tension system and not to the conveyor housing itself, meaning that when the shaft is moved to tension the chain, the curved wall moves with it to retain close proximity to the paddles.

UHMW Paddles
Norstar uses UHMW paddles that prevent steel-to-steel contact, minimizing noise and helping to increase the lifespan of the chain. Heavy Duty Paddle Attachments are welded to the chain to provide increased strength to the paddle. The paddles are factory bolted onto the attachments for added stability.

Norstar’s Cross Slide Gate is designed to preserve the integrity of your product with a slide plate that sits flush with the conveyor floor when closed. This prevents product damage and cross contamination as material moves over the closed gate.

Norstar offers multiple inlet options that allow you to control the grain flow into your conveyor. Wide and Narrow Inlets, Flanged Inlets, Inlet Hoppers and Drive-Over Hoppers with Inlet Section Grating are available.

We offer a range of discharge options including Cross Slide Gates, In-Line Slide Gates and Gate Transitions. Norstar offers Reclaim Cups, recommended for conveyors with multiple drop locations to help ensure a thorough clean-out.
Chain Conveyor Liners

Conveying material that is harsh on your equipment? Ensure the longevity of a Norstar Chain Conveyor with our range of housing liners. Available in 10ga, 3/16' and 1/4' thicknesses, Norstar offers AR200 or AR400 steel liners as well as UHMW liners depending on your needs.

Norstar offers 81X, 81XH and 81XHH chain depending on your operational requirements. Optional Polyurethane Cleaning Paddles that slide against the conveyor floor help further reduce the risk of cross-contamination during handling.

Norstar En-Masse Chain Conveyors offer incline elbows from 5° -15° allowing you to raise the height of discharge as needed. For larger inclines Norstar offers the Incline Chain Conveyor.
Chain Conveyor Finishes

All Norstar Chain Conveyors feature our Premium Polyester Powder Coat Finish that offers a strong and durable finish with excellent protection against the elements. Norstar also offers Stainless Steel conveyor models for applications that require the best in corrosion protection.

Whether you are mounting your conveyor under a row of hopper bins, or setting your conveyor to discharge into your bins from overhead, Norstar offers mounting brackets, bin support stands and catwalk stands to fit your situation. Norstar also offers custom manufactured catwalks built to your specifications.

We offer a range of monitoring and automation options that allow you to effectively manage your handling operation and ensure that it is running at peak capacity. Ask our sales team about what monitoring options are available for your conveyor.

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