Novid Inc.

- Hopper Bins


Hopper Bins made out of Stainless Steel by Novid. Stainless Steel Hopper Bins Designed and Engineered for a very Long time and Maintenance free

Introducing a new generation of Hopper Bins

Novid Inc.’s stainless steel Hopper Bins are the longest lasting and most durable, maintenance-free bins on the market today. An up-front investment in stainless steel guarantees a long term ROI for the farm.

  • Structurally engineered to last
  • No replacement bins needed due to corrosion
  • No down time to repair and maintenance
  • No on-site paint touch-ups
Standard Hopper Bins Features
  • SS Slidegate
  • SS Manway
  • SS Roof Lid
  • 3 Sight Glasses
Hopper Bins Option
  • SS Ladder Cage
  • MS Heavy Duty Skid
  • 45 or 55 degree cone
  • Leg Extensions
  • Level Indicator
  • Granular Crusher

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