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- Model 4901 - Vinyl Ester Resin



NOVOC 4901 is a high solids, zero HAP’s, vinyl ester resin developed by NOVOC Performance Resins, LLC to help customers meet air quality emission standards. The resin system emits less than 1% VOC’s. NOVOC 4901 is marine grade, suitable for filament winding, pultrusion, hand laminating, or resin transfer molding. Glass transition temperature of the NOVOC 4901 exceeds 350oF, making it an ideal candidate wherever high performance is a necessity. The NOVOC 4901 will outperform conventional polyesters and vinyl esters based on physical properties and high solids yield. The resin has excellent wet-out characteristics and requires no extraordinary handling or processing procedures to achieve outstanding physical properties with no VOC’s.

We recommends that each user evaluate the performance of the NOVOC 4901 under conditions that simulate production procedures as nearly as possible to determine suitability for each application. For additional technical information or questions, contact your sales representative.

Physical properties: (Reinforced - See below)

Test Type: ASTM D638
Mean Tensile Strength (psi): ~14,800
Mean Tensile Modulus (psi): ~1,011,000

Test Type: ASTM D790
Mean Flexural Strength (psi): ~27,250
Mean Flexural Modulus (psi): . ~1,080,000

Test Type: ASTM D695
Mean Compressive Strength (psi): ~27,311
Mean Compressive Modulus (psi): ~465,663

Test Type: ASTM D265
Izod Impact Strength ( ~16.93

Elongation, %: ~2.5
Water Absorption: 0.39
Glass Transition Temperature: ~3500F

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