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- Traditional Chemical Industrial Water Treatment System


Traditional chemical industrial water treatment additives usually comprise poorly biodegradable and/or highly toxic compounds. Novochem Water Treatment has developed new sustainable technologies, recognized as Best Available Techniques. The products are commercialized under the name “NovoTraqua”. Apart from the low impact on the environment, NovoTraqua has proven to perform excellently without increased costs. On the contrary, owing to the powerful cleaning properties, NovoTraqua both removes contaminations and maintains the system in good condition. Application of NovoTraqua leads to a higher efficiency of the installation and lower amount of shutdowns.

NovoTraqua is a new generation of water treatment additives consisting of sustainable raw materials and biodegradable components. NovoTraqua also has a low phosphate concentration and is the leading environmentally friendly brand. We offer NovoTraqua hardness stabilisers, organic dispersants and corrosion inhibitors for open recirculating cooling systems and various types of process water systems. Proven efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

Corrosion inhibition
The NovoTraqua corrosion technology is based on adsorption inhibitors. These offer excellent corrosion protection,
also in critical cooling water systems with high process water or wall temperatures. The adsorption inhibitors have a broad action spectrum, meaning that good corrosion protection is also achieved at relatively low alkalinity.

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