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We have successfully completed over 3500 cremator installations throughout the world and Novus ® cremators are now internationally recognised as the gold standard. The following information and technical data is based on our standard specifications. In practice however, we find that the majority of our Novus ® cremators are designed and manufactured to order – with either customised features and facilities, or are purpose-designed with bespoke specifications to match the individual requirements of the crematorium.

  • Fully automated and controlled via a dedicated PLC-based control, supervision and monitoring system.
  • Designed to carry out 1500 cremations per annum per chamber.
  • Wide bodied – can accept the largest of coffins up to 1050mm wide
  • Environmental performance easily exceeding the limits of PG5/2(12).
  • Extremely robust construction ensuring operational longevity.
  • High quality refractories selected for longevity.
  • Speed of operation – capable to operate 24 hours per day at an average cremation time of 70-80 minutes.
  • Preheat time from cold i.e. a Monday morning at 10°C ambient for an abated cremator is approximately 60 -70 minutes reducing to 40 minutes on a Tuesday morning and taking only 20 minutes on the remaining days of the week.
  • Generous sized secondary chamber to ensure a gas residence time in excess of 2-seconds at temperatures in excess of 800°C (850°C if configured to operate unabated) as per PG5/2(12).
  • Fuel Saving via automatic secondary combustion chamber air control. (In-situ O2 sensor)
  • Very low external casing temperatures in accordance with UNI EN 10344 building energy performance.
  • Ultra-low noise. All noise producing equipment will be acoustically treated.
  • Automatically controlled and regulated combustion air levels.
  • Automatic under-pressure control to maintain efficient combustion and prevent escape of products of combustion into the cremator room.

Cremation Chamber and Post-Combustion Chamber

  • Operating temperature: >850°C (>800°C abated)
  • Residence time: 2 seconds

  • Automatic vent by-pass in the event of a critical failure
  • Operation of the main charge door will inhibit the operation of the main burner
  • Automatic correction of any control parameter out of tolerance
  • Electrical installation in accordance with IE Regulations, 17th Edition
  • All equipment CE marked
  • Reduced noise levels through the addition of acoustic attenuation
  • Automatic cleaning of the waste heat boiler tubes
  • Automatic cleaning of the filter bags

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