Castflow Valves SL

Castflow Valves SL

Nozzle Check Valves


Applications : Pumping stations. Water transmisions. Water treatment. Desalination plants. The object of following instruction is to establish the procedure for assembly, disassembly and mounting in pipeline of the nozzle disc check valve produced by Castflow Valves SL.

  • Design: EN12516 / ASME B16.34.
  • Dimensions:
    • Flanged ends from DN250 to DN600 (others inquire)
    • Wafer from DN200 to DN600.
  • Connections:
    • Flanged PN10 to PN25 EN1092-1/ ISO7005-1 / BS 4504 sect 3.2 ANSI125#/150# acc to ASME B16.1/ B16.5 .
    • Wafer ANSI600# acc to ASME B16.5 / PN100 EN 1092-1 (ANSI300#/PN40 inquire).
  • Face to Face:
    • Flanged non standard.
    • Wafer API594.
  • Operating temperatures: -20 ºc + 200 ºc (rubber seated) others inquire.
  • Testing: En12266 (ISO5208) / API598.
  • Mínimum pressure for tightness: 0,2 bar.
  • Face to face distance:
    • Flanged without standard
    • Wafer according to API594.
  • Materials: ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless steel, superduplex.
  • Other technical data: inquire.

Technical performances

  • Reduces water hammer.
  • Works in any position (Versatile installation in the pipeline).
  • Dynamic quick closing of the disc reducing the velocity of flow return.
  • Few moving parts. Only disc is exposed to wear.
  • Axial movement of the disc: the internal shape provides a streamlined flow path with venturi effect which results in low pressure drop.
  • Short stroke of the disc assisted by a spring allows quick response to reverse flow velocity acceleration.
  • Different spring torques for different applications and critical velocities.

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