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- Model EM - Sorting System for Metal Removal



The NRT MetalDirector sorting system uses sophisticated metal-sensing technology to readily identify and eject ferrous and nonferrous metals from a mixture of materials. The sorter can efficiently recover aluminum cans from a process stream. The sorter features an eddy current induction detection module incorporated into a fast-moving conveyor. The MetalDirector detects and identifies metal objects and their locations within the fast-moving material feed stream on the belt. The metal objects are then ejected by a brief, precise blast of compressed air as they discharge off the end of the conveyor. The system incorporates rugged heavy steel plate construction for the sorting enclosure, selfcleaning live roll splitter, and an advanced easy-to-use operator interface.

  • As little as 0 ppm metal in commodity
  • Small footprint standalone machine
  • Advanced detection array
  • Low product loss
  • Uptime of 99% or more

  • Recovery of aluminum can product from a mixed container stream
  • Removal of metals from a materials process stream
  • In the MRF Industries, the MetalDirector™ can be installed into an accelerating conveyor of an optical sorter and integrated with the sorter’s ejection system for the removal of aluminum cans and other metal objects.
  • In the PET Recycling Industries, the MetalDirector™ can be added to any existing NRT sorter to detect and eject metals including aluminum cans or other metals.

  • Induction metal sensing
  • Fastest solenoid valves in the industry to minimize product loss
  • Object-tracking algorithm identifies and ejects metal as small as 1 mm
  • 24' (3,600 lbs/hr) to 108' (16,200 lbs/hr)

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