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- Model T - Advanced Infrared Sorting Systems



Recovers transparent and translucent plastic containers by polymer type through the use of transmitted near-infrared light. The NRT SpydIR-T is an advanced infrared sorting system that separates selected polymers from a mixed container stream. It uses proprietary technology and fast, highly sensitive algorithms to rapidly identify unique polymer “signatures” from their infrared spectra. The SpydIR-T utilizes transmissive detection, a technology that allows the material to pass between the light source and the detection array. While other companies detect material over the belt and eject some time later, NRT offers In-Flight Sorting, which detects and ejects material in flight.

  • In-Flight Sorting provides industry leading purity and hit rates
  • Industry leading signal-to-noise ratio is ideal for thin-wall PET
  • Full array of spectrometers allows for identification across entire belt width
  • Flexibility to change selected polymers
  • High speed identification with throughput rates exceeding 16,000 lb/hr
  • Remote diagnostics, adjustments and upgrades

In-Flight Sorting enables the use of transmissive detection (see image below), and eliminates motion-related error and belt interference, increasing purity levels and hit rates. The spectrometer array across the width of the belt greatly increases accuracy compared to rotating mirrors which are prone to error

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