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Progressive Product Developments Ltd

Model NS2KGB - Kitchen Biomass Grease Traps


The Kitchen Biomass Grease Trap (above-ground installation)is designed for installation inside your building, it has a smooth, clean, hygienic grey GRP exterior. It can be installed on the floor close to the sinks or anywhere else convenient to the waste pipes. These units have sealed access lids and internal anti-syphon vents. All units are supplied with multi-fit 50mm Osma waste connections.

By installing a PPD Biomass Grease Trap close to your sink, you will be collecting and treating the grease before it has a chance to block your drains. Inside the Grease Trap, PPD BioFluid creates and maintains a Biomass to eat the grease and oil converting it to mainly water and some CO2.

The standard above-ground units are supplied complete with an Automatic Biofluid dosing pump and 25 litres of Biofluid (enough to last 5-6 months) There is also an economical alternative, instead of the automatic dosing pump and fluid, we can supply a manual system where we supply a 1 litre bottle of concentrated BioFluid with a manual pump which needs squirting into a sink twice every night.(lasts 50 days)

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