Novintec SA.

Nuclear and Industrial Filtration


Novintec offers rugged and effective metallic filtration solutions for all kind of fluids, environment and applications. An expertise recognized in the filtration of fluids and gases. Novintec designs and manufactures complex filtration systems compliant with the regulation and based on the specification of its Customers.

  • Wide range of flow rates
  • RCC-M Standard
  • HEPA filtration according to NFX44-011 standard
    HE : 98.5%
    THE : 99.95%
  • High temperature resistance
    Stainless steel : from -250°C to 350°C
    Inconel : 560°C, Alloy HR : 600°C, FeCr Alloy : 1000°C
  • Wide chemical compatibility
    Nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, Steam, gas, liquids, chemical products, high viscosity, …
  • Porosity from 70% to 85% (low pressure drop)
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Filtration in damp atmospheres
  • Irradiation resistance
  • Seismic resistant studies

Equipment for containment chambers :

  • Range of stainless steel vacuum and pressure housings from 5 to 300m3/h with stainless steel HEPA filters
  • Push-push filters for all flow rates
  • Vacuum filters
  • Pulse unclogging manifolds for pneumatic pressure conveying and dismantling
  • Full 316L stainless steel assembled by nickel brazing
  • Resistance to hydrogen fluoride corrosion

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